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The Loving Garden Story

First in for most, the Loving Garden has no boundaries related to age, race, creed, religion, gender or anything else that limits who we are in love. Love is limitless and it is worthy by all. That is what the Loving Garden represents and all are welcome.

From a thought planted in my heart a decade ago while immersed in a deep grief due to the impending loss of my son while still in utero from a genetic disorder, Trisomy 13, that was not compatible with life…a thought said to me “There is more purpose in this impending heartbreak of loss, there must be.” And it came to my heart that I always bought myself flowers when I needed a little love.

“YES! Love! Flowers! Grow Love and hang on to Love for dear life!” at the same time the tsunami of grief was doing it’s best to take me down. This journey with my son Elijah is the biggest test of Love I have ever experienced and it is that Love that will get us through and will be shared with others that the true power of what Love can get us all through.

Hence, The Loving Garden was created in September of 2011 and Elijah passed away November 20, 2011.

It took me until another dozen waves of grief up to and in 2020 with the loss of my mother due to Covid- 19 complications in May of 2020 to raise me up, bloom me up and immerse myself in this deepest, most heartbreaking love again and use it for greater purpose.

“YES! Love! Flowers! I heard again and dug into my mountains of files to emerge The Loving Garden paperwork.

In July 2020, The Loving Garden, Inc., a 501c3 non profit was approved to Bloom Love from grief and share this truth of how Love can heal and help may through the moments that test our souls and commitment to knowing life itself.

The Loving Garden was tended to and built in less than 3 months! Built as much as possible to get the Love out on Valentine’s Day 2021, a symbolic Love day though every day is love day in my book.

Many times I wanted to run from the grief that faced me daily in the creation of the garden, run from the memories of loss, hide under my covers…but I could no longer hide from the truth or the acceptance of letting go to let in a greater purpose, the love waiting to heal me and others. So I rose up like a flower so to speak, trusted I had one more spurt of strength and courage to see this vision through.

The Garden Gates of Love are now open to help each other repair broken hearts with love, honor our loved ones and bloom forward love to so many who lost it along their path, like I did so many times. Remembering Love is Remembering what we are truly made of and The Loving Garden will grow your seeds of love and bloom them forward.

We are honored to have you a part of the Garden. From our hearts to yours, thank you.

Love On…Bloom On…

With a bow and rose in hand,

Lori Freed, Founding Gardener

The Loving Garden

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