a seed
of love


Founding Gardener's Message to You

Dear Gardeners,

The seed planted in my heart a decade ago to give purpose to the pain has become a reality. It is the Love I planted and grew The Loving Garden from and it is Love that will keep it blooming with generous donations and support from The Gardeners who are a part of this community.

It takes courage to take action from Love. And I honor each and every Gardener for being a part of this effort and movement to help turn grief to love, from pain to blessings, to turn lost love into found love.

Every detail of this charity comes from my heart to yours. The Garden’s mission is to heal, to honor, to help – both the Recipients of Love Flowers as well as our individual selves. If it helps even a little bit, my heart is lighter that purpose is being served.

Thank you for Blooming in Love and knowing that the answer to repairing any broken heart, even our own, is Love.

I am grateful you are a part of The Loving Garden.

With a bow and rose in hand,

Lori Freed, Founding Gardener

The Loving Garden

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